Bamboo Forest

Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio en tant que Architectes.

TEARORY is a body care brand of YIRI Living from Taiwan which uses tea leaves as raw material, TEARORY invited artist Cheng Tsung FENG to create an installation named “Bamboo Forest”. Bamboo Forest is a movable installation which can be assemble repeatedly in order to change its scale and space spatial configuration. The artist created a quiet and secluded atmosphere in bamboo forest by using more than 3,000 slices of natural bamboo.

The installation will successively move to grassland, tea plantation, forest, beach, snowfield, riverbed, canyon and various cities in the future. Artist FENG invited you, soil, sunlight, wind, wave, birds and flowers to walk into the bamboo forest. After stay in a short while, you will feel every message from the nature.

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