Bambo Beauty

Cadena + Asociados Concept Design® en tant que Architectes.

Welcome to a place where beauty has no rules or labels. A space made to create, play and celebrate who you are and how you want to be.

A brand inspired by the dancing, music and joy that comes from the diversity of skins, races, genders and identities that laugh, dream, discover and explore their beauty.

A space that stimulates creativity through color, shapes and products on a sensorial journey full of beauty and self love. A spot made to experiment and reinvent yourself day by day, to share with friends and create a larger community of diverse beauty lovers.

A concept that invites you to love and express yourself every day just the way you are, because beauty is a vastly unexplored territory waiting to be discovered.


Material Used :
1. Lighting: Grupo Opción
2. Furniture: Emsoju

Crédits de projet
Fiche technique du produit

LightingGrupo Opción
Fiche technique du produit
by Emsoju
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