Balnenum Design Showroom

Balnenum Design Showroom

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João Morgado
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Porcelain TilesFlorim Ceramiche
Taps and ShowersHansgrohe SE
Sanitaryware and tapsAgape
SanitarywareCeramica Cielo
Porcelain TilesLevantina

Fiche technique du produit
Porcelain Tiles
Taps and Showers
Sanitaryware and taps
by Agape
Porcelain Tiles

Balnenum Design Showroom

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Showrooms are spaces with particular characteristics. Exhibition places should be as neutral as possible so that the art pieces would be the focus. In permanent showrooms tough, like retail stores, it's important to create a set not only neutral but also similar to daily life spaces, with a welcoming and cosy feeling for costumers, where the products would be displayed as assembled to be used.


In this project, these space qualities were obtained by the materials and colours chosen. The shop's boundaries and the equipment where coloured black aiming to turn it less relevant, making it disappear. Light-coloured wood panels and volumes, that go up from the floor to the ceiling, stand out and define the different work and exhibition areas, surfaces to display the products and house the lighting system.


The layout was organized in three functional lines: the first line is where the display window stands, which works both for the inside and outside, maximizing its functionality; the line in the centre is composed of cabinetries with countertops, exhibition shelves and storage, designed specifically for this project. These furniture pieces define different areas and the way one walks around the shop; the last line is where the more reserved areas were placed: the office, toilet, storage and the meeting room.


The flooring - light coloured big tiles – makes the two main levels of the store feel united. On a third level, taking advantage of the shop's height, like a mezzanine, is where the office stands.


The meeting room, which was a particular request made by the client, was an area carefully designed, to be like the most representative space of the store. Although it’s more reserved it doesn't present itself disconnected from the overall shop's environment. This is a place to analyse the projects, to present and discuss solutions with the clients, to meet with suppliers and to make the trades. Wood is the main material in this area, although used differently. One of the walls is completely covered with shelves and the larger wall is covered by a wood slat, that adds depth to space. The meeting table is the main piece of this space and was also designed specifically for this project to show that the materials sold in the shop have other potential uses.


Materials used:

  1. Techlam by Levantina – Porcelain Tiles
  2. Cielo - Sanitaryware
  3. Agape – Sanitaryware and taps
  4. Hansgrohe – taps and Showers
  5. Florim – Porcelain Tiles
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