Bal Harbour Shops Luxury Mall

Bal Harbour Shops Luxury Mall

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Bal Harbour Shops Luxury Mall

SEFAR en tant que Fabricants.

Project. Bal Harbour Shops in Miami Beach, Florida is superlative in every respect. The prestigious open-air shopping mall has the highest sales per square foot of any shopping center in the world. It features the finest retail establishments in a setting that epitomizes luxury.

Concept/Design. The canopy’s mechanized retracting structure, referred to as En-Fold, deploys the SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric, gently and quietly unfolding it until it stretches out completely flat to form a translucent fabric roof. This happens with the push of a button on a wireless remote control. It was built for Bal Harbour Shops’ inner courtyard, an event space that requires a retractable solution to shield it from rain or harsh sunlight, improving the shopping experience. Bal Harbour Shops chose TENARA Fabric because it was the only product that could fold repeatedly without delamination and because it provides translucency when unfolded. Outside of pliability and durability, its light transmission cuts down heat and distills light to provide a comfortable, shaded area where plants can still grow.

Construction. The inner courtyard incorporates greenery and features an elaborate koi pond with a glass top that guests can walk on. TENARA Fabric filters the perfect amount of light and heat for both, keeping the plants healthy and reducing the amount of algae in the pond and is inert to UV rays. TENARA Fabric is unique because it is woven from ePTFE yarn and is also fluoropolymer-coated, making the PTFE inherent in the material. Finally, the entire 16.7 x 25.9 m (55’ x 85’) big retractable roofing system at Bal Harbour Shops is built to withstand wind speeds of up to 90 mph and can be stored compactly if higher winds are expected.

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