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Australia 108

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Australia 108

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Fender Katsalidis completes the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest residential tower in Melbourne

The Southern Hemisphere’s tallest residential tower, Australia 108, is now complete with the Fender Katsalidis-designed skyscraper spanning 100 levels and 319 metres into the sky.

Located in Southbank, adjacent to Melbourne CBD, Australia 108 is a new urban marker for the city with the completion an architectural feat for both Australia and residential architecture globally.

The highly sculptural glass tower has taken seven years to complete, from initial design conversations, to today as a new landmark designed to be viewed from near and far.

A striking feature of Australia 108 is a gold ‘Starburst’, two levels which protrude six metres outward from the main structure in the shape of a star. Expanding the building’s footprint, the Starburst is an exclamation mark in the sky, inspired by the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag. It is situated approximately two-thirds of the way up the building with an unrivalled level of amenity inside.

Fender Katsalidis director Nicky Drobis is proud of the outcome the design team has achieved and explains how Australia 108 stands out in the realm of skyscraper architecture.

“The completion of Australia 108 marks an incredible milestone for us which extends far beyond that of the building height. The design tries to redefine some of the stereotypes around how skyscrapers are expressed – from the innovative, cantilevered Starburst to the varying ways the building can be perceived.

“While the way the tower is viewed in the skyline is important, we have also chosen to focus on the street experience and the different scales of interaction that viewers of the building might have.

“There are many aspects that make up this truly multi-faceted landmark and our aim is for its architecture to be appreciated in different ways by residents, Melburnians and future visitors to the city,” she says.

Fender Katsalidis has considered the way the building looks at night, something that many other tall buildings in Melbourne overlook.

The sculptural forms, overt during the day, are visible at night with the building’s horizontal white bands being lit, forming a glowing wireframe that highlights the curves and contours beyond the lights of individual residences. They are programmable to form patterns and accompany the internally lit Starburst which appears as a glowing star at night.

The ground floor podium features a retained heritage façade while the 10 floors immediately above encompass car parking that is shrouded by canary palms and trees to give the building a layered green element.

The building is a neighbour to Eureka Tower, also designed by Fender Katsalidis, which held the title of Melbourne’s tallest building until being eclipsed by Australia 108.

Elements which are integrated in both buildings include the design language and materiality, from the use of glass and gold, to the white banding.

“It’s unusual for an architecture firm to design two of the city’s tallest buildings and we are proud to have done this in Melbourne. We have used this as an opportunity to allow the towers to have a dialogue with each other, being partners in the skyline, while each expressing their own identities,” says Fender Katsalidis director Craig Baudin.

In addition to the exterior architecture, Fender Katsalidis has designed the communal amenity within the Starburst, where swimming pools cantilever into the sky, as well as the Cloud lobby at Ground Floor which embodies a moody yet luxurious aesthetic.

Australia 108 offers residents a high level of amenity, encompassing a double height sky garden, dining and function spaces, theatrettes, gymnasiums, spas and an extensive barbeque terrace. There is more than 4,500 square metres of shared facilities across the entire building.

“The dramatic cantilevered forms of the Starburst allow us to achieve a generosity of communal spaces to these levels, despite being constrained by a relatively small site,” says Baudin.

“The amount of communal space we have delivered was vital in ensuring there was a sense of community in the building and it sets a benchmark for facilities in multi-residential buildings.

“Housing the highest residences in the Southern Hemisphere, there is an incredible sense of view and outlook above the clouds. The Starburst amenities give every resident the ability to share in the amazing view, no matter where in the building their apartment might be located,” he says.

To ensure the building’s viability for client World Class Global, there was a staged handover with residents moving into the lower levels whilst the upper portions were under construction. The design took this into account and ensured the building could be functional even in sections.

World Class Global CEO David Ng said the grand completion milestone at Australia 108 was a proud day for everyone in the World Class Global team.

“When we set out on this ground-breaking build, our vision was to create an unrivalled living experience unique to Melbourne that would harmonise with the existing skyline. And we are thrilled to have realised this vision with our amazing project partners,” said Mr Ng.

“We have come so far during the construction phase of the project, even through the challenges of last year, and this is something we will always be incredibly proud of.”

Australia 108 was highly collaborative, with Fender Katsalidis working closely with builder Multiplex to deliver the project.

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