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Aurora Melbourne Central is a new metropolis, an integrated mixed use precinct with an alluring and seductive yet technologically advanced form. The proposed building has a rich fusion of Malay culture and Melbourne eccentricity, reflecting Melbourne’s position as a primary international south East Asian city. In this way we can create a metropolis that doesn’t have to be hard and gritty but rather has an organic softness.
The hybrid form and plan of the tower is drawn from the hibiscus flower, a species constantly reproduced in Malaysia to create new, exciting colours and textures. In plan, the petals radiate out to the corners of the site, and the sculptural façade is three-dimensional, its textures merging into one another like the colours of the iconic flower. This project represents our new design direction – it was designed parametrically to optimise privacy, wind and sun-shading – the computational process enables us to design good apartments even better. The building is conveniently connected to Melbourne Central and the train network. To make the most of this subterranean link we have inserted a hawker market into the basement space. This food destination will not only help with pedestrian flows, but will be a welcome addition to the university precinct.
It’s not just Asia that’s represented here – we wanted to make this building a part of Melbourne as well, so we re-instated the laneway network through the site, inserting restaurants and shops between Latrobe and Little Latrobe Streets. We have also responded to recent criticism that residential CBD developments put strain on civic amenities by creating unparalleled communal space. Naturally we have the essentials – pool, gym, lounge and dining rooms – but we’ve also added in wine cellars, sky gardens, karaoke rooms and a golf room. This is a vertical city with the equivalent amenity. As the icing on the cake, the building also contributes to Melbourne’s tourism reputation, with 200 serviced apartments offering employment opportunities and increased economy. When it comes to residential projects, this is the future – what more do you want?

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