Audiroio Fortuny
MIguel de Guzman

Audiroio Fortuny

Izaskun Chinchilla Architects en tant que Architectes.

The project’s location, a typical 19th century bulding, confers a unique charm. The space takes inspiration in some typical elements in the last decades of the 19th century. It also tries to celebrate the presence of the Prado Museum in the neighborhood and the painting of Mariano Fortuny, one of the great authors of the XIX that the Museum houses.

These paintings inspire many of the aesthetic preferences of the nineteenth and the romanticism: the beauty of ruin, the orientalist inspiration, the interest in the freedon of life forms, the cultural consideration of traveling. Our space tries to update this aesthetic and cultural repertoire.

For these reasons the walls of our space discover the layers of materials that were partially hide. For these reasons the beautiful tiling that covers our floor climb slightly on the wall in irregular way, but does not need to cover it completely. In our space, as in others that our firm has developed, the reused materials coexist with the new ones. The flowers, the fabrics, the partial plaster, the furniture and the structural make each one their function and they know that they are together in a moment of the history of the space but, later, each one will be renewed at their own place. We understand rehabilitation as an exercise in naturalness and imagination. We try to make patches and repairs look beautiful so we do not need to hide them. But we combine that austerity with visual imagination, inviting visitors to sit inside a wild garden, in an abandoned ruin, listening to delicious music.

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