Atelier Aberto

Atelier Aberto

AR Arquitetos
São Paulo, Brazil
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Maíra Acayaba

Atelier Aberto

AR Arquitetos en tant que Architectes.

The project proposes an exercise in the relation between interior/exterior and its materialization through the idea of limit (mass / opacity) and continuity (openness / transparency).The idea is to explore how these resources can solve the program organization recreating the relation between public/private recreating the logic of urban space.

Half of the plot’s frontal setback was proposed as an enlargement of public side-walk, configuring a semi-public square, which ‘invades’ the studio as a continuity of the street between dense rectangular prisms ("buildings"), inviting visitors to enter and reach an "inner square" space, configured as double-height shed with abundant natural light, where the artist paints.

These "buildings" consist in 3 pure rectangular volumes in apparent concrete that enclose the functional program of the studio (artist’s office, assistant and service areas, storage/showroom).

While its dense and blind walls isolate internal functions from the "street" and the “atelier inner square”, its other transparent façades open onto internal silent courtyards and gardens, dissolving the boundary between interior and exterior, between building and site.

Benches cross the borders, stating that continuity. As do the walls that extrapolate the limits of the double-heightroof, transforming internal areas in external yards, contributing to dissolve the limits. If transparency dissolves tenuous borders between indoor and outdoor, in the other hand, the thin line of a dense wall circumscribes part of frontal setback, establishing solid boundary between two voids: the semi-public sidewalk enlargement (square) and a private front yard.

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