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Asics Emea HQ

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Asics Emea HQ

Powerhouse Company en tant que Architectes.

The New ASICS EMEA HQ Creates an Immersive Brand Experience

ASICS, the world-renowned sports and lifestyle brand, has officially moved into their new EMEA headquarters 10 km southeast of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Powerhouse Company, in collaboration with RED Company, won the competition to design the 11.600 m² state-of-the-art headquarters. The team’s vision for the flagship headquarters as a showcase for the ASICS brand and healthy and sustainable workplace will accommodate the company’s future growth and evolving business needs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The resulting building is more than a workplace: it is a destination for local and international employees, product buyers and visitors to celebrate the ASICS legacy and shape its future.

Modern Elegance

From the outside, the building is characterized by an elegant geometric clarity. The full-perimeter overhangs, whose main function is sheltering the workspace from direct sunlight, create the distinctive horizontality of the facade. The entrance of the building, consisting of an oversized, ASICS-branded custom-manufactured blue glass wall, is highlighted by a deep recess in the main facade. The presence of a double-height transparency on one side and a recess with a green terrace on the other breaks the symmetrical composition of the simple horizontal overhangs and central position of the entrance. 

Community Connections

The scheme of the building borrows from the tradition of the palazzo, the architectural element of the atrium, a space that is both the symbolic and physical core of the building. Replacing the functions of a conventional office lobby, the atrium combines the informal quality of a gathering space with the public prominence of an exhibition space. The full-height space is filled with natural light through the glazed ceiling and is surrounded on four sides by the balconies of the four 2.800 m² column-free workspace floors. A playful system of staircases connects the different levels around the atrium, breaking the horizontal continuity of the floors. With the visible movement of people around the building, the open staircases support physical and visual interaction between coworkers at any given moment.

Curated Brand Experience 

At the heart of the ASICS atrium lies ‘ASICS World’, a unique and three-dimensional showcase that displays all ASICS brands. It consists of a playful composition of different boxes stacked unevenly on top of each other. In contrast with the neutral simplicity of the facade, the showcase immediately catches the visitor’s eye, becoming the main visual reference to the ASICS brand. However, the showcase is much more than a simple branding element: designed as a multipurpose space capable of hosting changing, informal activities, it also functions as a podium, meeting space, and design center. On the ground floor, surrounding ASICS World, the building hosts an array of functions including a restaurant, Power Health Bar, the ASICS gym and an ASICS store.

Future-Proof + Flexible Design

Powerhouse Company's future-proof design features an efficient and flexible layout to optimally support various types of work, geared towards innovation and collaboration. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, each level is flooded with natural light and offers panoramic views of the Defence Line of Amsterdam that has been enlisted on the UNESCO World heritage list since 1996. The building’s full glass facade is complemented by sleek cantilevering roofs, creating a unique silhouette. On each floor, parts of the facade fold inwards to create terraces, giving direct access to outdoor spaces.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have delivered for ASICS. Their new world-leading headquarters will help to attract top-tier talent and inspire employees to engage with their brand, build community connections, and fuel creativity and collaboration under the company's core philosophy. The building's sleek brand identity, range of work spaces and amenities, and beautiful surroundings create a truly vibrant and unique experience for employees, clients and visitors." — Nanne de Ru, Founding Partner at Powerhouse Company

Sustainability + Wellbeing

Catered specifically to ASICS' unique philosophy of ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body’, the building was constructed according to the latest standards in health and sustainability, as defined by the WELL Gold and LEED Gold certifications. The design team created a building that is not only beneficial for its surroundings by saving energy, water and reducing CO2 emissions, but also ensures the wellbeing of its employees by focusing on a healthy interior climate and a comfortable, diverse work environment. Due to the strategic positioning of the staircases close to the atrium, users of the building will also be inspired to take the stairs instead of the elevators. This design feature was implemented to stimulate physical activity.

Additionally, the ASICS EMEA headquarters will become part of one of the most sustainable office parks in the Netherlands. The immediate surroundings of the office park are formed by green zones, footpaths and gardens. The chosen location is one of the most visible plots in the area, which is strategically shared with another global brand, Danone. To fully optimize the sustainability and wellbeing of the headquarters, the team worked with technology specialists at bGrid to design a smart building with a smart grid system that measures temperature, CO2 and light. Individuals can manage climate and light via an app. The system also supports work through apps like Find my Colleague, Room Booking and Workplace Finding.

Material Used :

1. Prince cladding - facade systems

2. Frits de Jong - Joinery of atrium roof and staircases in bamboo by Moso bamboo

3. Interalu - Climate ceiling

4. Duracryl - concrete flooring 

De Vorm for ASICS Europe

De Vorm en tant que Furniture manufacturer.

De Vorm was happy to collaborate with CBRE for the new ASICS HQ.  In order to reflect the brand identity, CBRE has created a sound combination of the dynamics of the building and the vibrant appearance of interior and furniture. This balance is reflected in the colour choice as well. You can spot many eye-catching pieces throughout the interior, such as the marine Nooks placed in the lounge zone. The interior architects have played with the frame colour to add an extra visual level to the interior. 


For each designated area, the interior architects have chosen the furniture that would best serve the outlined purpose. You can spot the LJ 3 and LJ 4 stools in informal settings where employees can eat, meet and talk, while the LJ 2 chairs were chosen for the private room. Our multi-functional Big tables have also found their application in any shared working areas.  


"De Vorm products make a beautiful family of furniture - they combine well with each other and with the wooden elements, used in this interior. Customisability of chairs and stools was also a big plus. We could play with the frame colours to add bright accents and therefore link the interior to the brand identity of ASICS. Sustainability considerations were also taken into account - we pay careful attention to how the products are made and transported." 
Birgit van de Steenoven | Interior Architect at CBRE Design


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