Arraiolos Castle

Arraiolos Castle

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Ivo Canelas

Arraiolos Castle

Arquitectos Anonimos en tant que Architectes.

Not being the architects holders of ideas, nor the unique needs that discoverers or inventors materialize in space built, should not be the only ones heard in a process of this nature. Have the opportunity to provide this predisposition to not shut down and finished in a consultation process that is usually boasting the most solid and profitable conclusions when based on what we believe is transdisciplinarity honestly.

The area of the castle of Arraiolos, once the center of a matrix evolution "radial", is current and consensually a peripheral point to the village. Force him to this centrality, it is certainly a loss of power. We prefer a kind of active surrender to the context, which is also the way we refer to the Monument and what his hope. We prefer to be more ' edge ' with interest and own personality, an eternal bucolic Tracker this centrality will. In the second, you will find numerous competitors, at first it may be unique. This trend is reinforced by the loss of function of the fortification, it only remains for you to have to offer compensation far beyond being a high point in the village and with a lot of visibility, but even that have to be faced with more competition, which was less obvious for thirty years.

So focusing on an assessment by the program, in the form and not on content, and referring us to the National panorama, by comparison to other similar situations, we can imagine that not suffice exactly intra program intact – walls just like how we fear some glimmer of belief that perhaps we can subtract from the table that presents the preliminary programme, that in and hypingthe assets or our history can be a source of income, oblivious to a hierarchy of harsh conditions by which inevitably passes, before apply this possibility. It is certainly more as we said, the who has ideas, point paths to self-sufficiency and confidence in what we have tremendous hope for the castle of Arraiolos

This is the main suggestion to implement a cultural program (Auditorium and educational grounds and events), we would like to be seen so and if the beat all the others, in an attempt to tend to the essentials, dispensing the energies to be very necessary. We need to require a bit more to this structure, than expressed in the program, or to equip us with a solution that other site we see convicted many years ago. The other suggestions, less committed, gravitate a bit around this centrality and over time will show their relevance. Only those we send to background, depending on the depth of the implementation of the programme, without however the place concerned.

A continuous carpet to install the proposal

The area of intervention, this thin film between the Earth and the sky, is the two-dimensional space in which we liberate the proposal, its scope, while affirming their place in and out of itself. We are in this case, the Castle while core "proudly alone", very sensitive to this idea of visibility and legibility of the intervention in a very easy-to-understand, philanthropist, intuitive, making us feel identified with the intervention, an image decoding and relates their collective imagination Reinforced the pedestrian nature of this identification shall be functionally as it is now much more appealing through the area wouldpragmatic in applying that we propose.

Who says for the first time the intervencionado, coming from outside, realizes the Rails reaffirmed by white pavement that dissolve solid wall on the horizon. Behind, in the same color, insinuates (when enabled) the inflatable structure, almost a white cloud. Not quite, but secure in its narrow tie with the ground that receives revelation prepared on a scale of progressive intensity, ending in visit to enclosure walls amaze yourself: a large carpet as place for the assertion and the program's communication, on close family of objects.

Surface composition-contextual and representational ornament

The surface is like a handkerchief to paint, to draw and reaccionar before objects and realities. The materials are the surface and vice versa.

We propose a small pavement concrete white pre molded modules, dim 20x20x20cm, and 20x20x10cm, screen-printed with patterns inspired by the graphic process that maps the manufacture of carpets of Arraiolos; We are interested in the midway between abstraction and reality in a recycled originality that candidate old themes to new environments: the distinctive ' Arraiolos "rescued from the living room, becoming the city's carpet.

The need to contain an initial intuition, requires a second note, more elaborated the art of "Royal". Choose a fragment of recurrent use by repeating will be a standard. Delete-you color, as the first act of intervention. The symbols used as guide/reference by art performers, in the count of fabrics operates as stain limit before expressed by color. a large pedestrian carpet, sensitive to the natural environment; affirmation of an intervention with beginning middle and end, while plastic image. Very adaptable in meeting with pre-existences and applied with conventional instruments. The surface ornamentation is related to representation, advertising and brand identity of content (physical and symbolic) intrinsic to and depends on the surroundings.

Air structures

Conquered the unit, by principle, flexibilizamos the implementation of the proposal which could and should implement in a phased manner, sustained and distinguished central (nuclear) accessory. The inflatable structure central, guesthouse on the paved platform which hosts cultural events, will be essential and symbolically the epicenter of all the transformation imposed; where converge the entire network, or where, as point of view. An icon as an image of extreme simplicity, synthesis of speech. Can work in many ways, the eclectic, partially or completely assembled as shown in the diagrams that display; a solution with many forms.

Other inflatable structures appear as elements whose image is contagious by operating Grand distributable, but run independently and at different times, depending on each other for their effectiveness or relevance. More than a finite, too formal proposal, we work the idea as a way of approach to the territory, almost flat, from which one can extract infinite solutions, but all within the same unitary rule. If the eternal discussion around the intervencionado heritage is the immeasurable fear of irreversibility, and to some extent the negative brand construction. XX, if the offence of which they think of architecture and urban design is to limit your thinking to top construction objective, we propose an innovative approach by way of framing this issue, viewing it openly, incorporating it in the proposal.

For all this heavy load, we propose, without lightness, a structure. the type of structure that we propose is a next-generation inflatable, very systematic execution. The inflatable structure is based on low pressure air tubes, arranged in parallel in the form of "ribs". The air blown is not the same as the interior environment of the compartment closed, what sets it apart from more conventional structures and root that allows cooling limit in this same environment (what we think here is not justified). Their execution technology relies on the design/project customization, which by itself to enter on its own universe of architecture away this excessively pejorative connotation of standard, adapting to the specific requirements of the program that we want to put into practice. There will be another equal.

In its execution, employed a mix of advanced technologies (two-dimensional screen calculation, geometry of the seams and weight calculation) with very intuitive processes. Its stability guarantees lengthwise support in compression between pipes and in cross direction by internal pressure. This system, which includes all the necessary calculations to ensure the structure's resistance to winds up to 130 Km/h, administering a weighted (weight in the form of sandbags that are installed on the inside of the tubes), utilizes a very light tissue (about 350 g/m2) to high density polyamide base and polyurethane, polyvinyl covered by giving it a UV filter, and with a flame-retardant treatment.

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