Apartments «Park Rublevo»

Apartments «Park Rublevo»

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Art Group en tant que Architectes.

This project is literally DIY. We haven't got such many handmade things before. We created the whole collection of unique prints which we are going to use everywhere: on carpets, tile, mosaic and designer furniture. We have long corridors which are going to be an art exposition; we have broken tiles that is going to be a mosaic. This project is going to be the most difficult one in 2019. But we are not afraid. 

We are preparing. Mosaic in the hall and the kitchen is a very interesting topic. Each of the four hundred tiles will be hand-painted by specialists at our South Italian factory. When it will arrive we will crush it and then collect again. Our team will be happy to collect these «puzzles». 

In the end we will have one more unique thing. About carpets. They have their own story. The carpet in the living room partially repeats the pattern of the Soviet mosaic and the carpets in the bedrooms are landscapes of the Australian plowed fields from Google maps.

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