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Apartments in Moscow

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Art Group en tant que Architectes.

This 2 floors house we were building with my colleagues, Maxim Volniy and Nazar Dorofeyev, for our friends.Guys are restaurateurs that work hard and travel a lot but on the weekends they love to spend time with their friends and make noisy BBQ parties in the countryside. This project started from location choice.After a long search we bought a piece of land on the slope. We gave the name to this place "house on the cliff".


Minimal is the main idea. It is not about asceticism which concrete boxes have.This is about perfect proportions, architectural form and "chemistry" of inner space with the outer space.It is about intimate connection of the human and the nature. Especially the landscape of locality determined architecture of the house.


This project is super eco-friendly. The building is almost merging with the nature.Like it is continuation or addition of the natural landscape.The feeling of the nature inside the house was made with the inner garden that is in the middle of the building.The garden is a glass cube where all perfect conditions for the plants are made. We got very interesting contrast.We also want to grow there the exotic thermophilic tree that will live all year in artifical tropics.It is going to be protected from the wind and the soil will be warm all the time because of the house.


The building contains two perpendicular blocks.First floor is the area of the living room where because of the glazing the house can be looked through.You can see not only the life in the house but also the landscape on the other side.Bedrooms are on the ground floor. The concrete, glass and wood - 3 main materials which are going to be used in the decoration of the house.


Because of the house architecture we don't need to add a lot in the interior.The shape of the building and "raw" materials are the best ways to unveil the idea of the whole project. We just need to add furniture and a bit of our art!

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