Apartment in Dnipro

Apartment in Dnipro

SVOYA studio
Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine | View Map
Alexander Angelovsky
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Bar chairPEDRALI
Chandelier pendant lightFlos
Wall lightingVibia
Lounge chairPoliform S.p.A.
Core Mirror

Fiche technique du produit
Chandelier pendant light
Wall lighting
Lounge chair
TIPTOE by Sancal
Core Mirror by Nottdesign

Apartment in Dnipro

SVOYA studio en tant que Concepteurs.

Apartment in Dnipro, with an area of 150 m2, with a cozy terrace for a bright and beautiful international family who lives part of the time in sunny Spain. That is why, according to the temperament of the owners, an apartment-garden was created, where the symbols of representatives of flora and fauna are everywhere found. And the terrace takes into the atmosphere of a small resort town.

The central place in the apartment is occupied by the kitchen-dining room with a living room, from which you immediately get to the master bedroom area (with a personal dressing room and bathroom) and the children's area (with bedrooms and a game room). This planning solution made it possible to remove unnecessary transit spacesт and separate the children's/guest bathroom (with an isolated laundry room) and the dressing room. At the design stage, general construction works were carried out in the residential complex and it was possible to move the bindings of the entrance door, providing a more convenient placement of the entrance group.

The entrance hall has its own wardrobe with an open storage system. The L-shaped common space includes a kitchen, living room and dining area. The kitchen is equipped with an island with a full breakfast area.

The bedroom is equipped with an adjoining dressing room and bathroom. But since these rooms had to be placed on a small area, it was necessary to attach a loggia to the bedroom. But even here it serves as a greenhouse and this is one of the favorite places of the owners - a hanging chair and a small sofa.

The bathroom in the bedroom is made in the general style of the apartment and is isolated from the room by a sliding partition. The adjacent wall with the dressing room has a common decorative insert with lighting and decor that echoes the greenhouse in the bedroom.

The part of the apartment reserved for a children's area for two boys has three spaces - two private bedrooms with a study space and a wardrobe, and a common play area. Despite its small size, the possibilities of this space are quite wide - there are many game zones, from the open to the most secluded and secret... As well as storage space - toys, clothes and the best childhood memories.

The residential complex has a developed infrastructure with a swimming pool and a zone for sports and recreation of residents. Therefore, the improvement of the terrace disposes to a frequent pastime on it. The engineering node is visually isolated. The space itself is divided into a meal area and a rest area. Outdoor furniture and lighting are made in expressive colors and contrasting prints, which gives the atmosphere of warm countries, even in the climatic zone of Ukraine.

To create an optimal microclimate, modern engineering technologies are used. The air humidification system in the apartment is separated together with the ducted air conditioning and ventilation system. This made it possible to evenly distribute all functions over the area of the premises and get rid of additional humidifier installations. And also to provide a comfortable climate for the numerous landscaping of this apartment-garden.


Material Used:
Mirror - Liberta, Core, NOTTDESIGN
Lounge chair - Poliform, MAD QUEEN, Marcel Wanders studio
Lounge chair bedroom - Poliform, MAD CHAISE LONGUE, Marcel Wanders studio
Wall lighting - Vibia, Musa, Note Design Studio
Chandelier pendant light - Taraxacum 88, Achille Castiglioni
Sofa - sancal, tiptoe, Rafa Garcia
Bar chair - Pedrali, Babila 2758, Odo Fioravanti

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