Apartment complex in Paris

Apartment complex in Paris

Ameller Dubois
89-91 rue des Cévennes, Paris 15e, Écoquartier Boucicaut, France | View Map
Année du projet
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Housing and Medical Care in Paris

Ameller Dubois en tant que Architectes.

The architectural choice

The project brings together 86 housing units and a home for autistic workers. It unfolds on three plots implanted on a common base, separated by generously planted gaps. The units’ development system allows great constructive simplicity and a strong inscription in the Parisian urban landscape. Each apartment has a protruding edge, forming a loggia in the continuation of living room. These loggias are alternated or superposed depending on their location on the plan. This composition aerates the project and gives visual openings from neighboring buildings to the interior of the block or to the chapel located next to the residence. This permeability answers the wishes of the urban planning team in their development of the neighborhood, namely the return to a «suburban» composition in the spirit of the site’s history.

This design offers a scale of intervention in which all orientations are made attractive, and where the residential appearance depicts a singularity that will allow an appropriation of the place by all its occupants. The project’s forms, both powerful and simple, are emphasized by the selection of materials: stamped concrete on the base, metal claddings and loggias fully covered with wood on their inner faces. The planted terraces and gaps finish in giving the whole set a rich and sculptural character.

Construction site

A structure aiming to the High Environmental Quality requires an ecofriendly construction and this, starting at the stage of demolition. Among other precautions on our demolition site, the machines continuously worked under misters in order to minimize the spread of dust in the area.

The materials

The materials (concrete , metal, wood ) and aspects (smooth, calepiné) play on the contrast and complementarity to strengthen the logical composition and highlight the sculptural character of the whole. Planting terraces completes processing volumes roof. Shapes, powerful and sober, are underlined by the choice of materials to the dialectical contrast , rich in sensations : polished white concrete façade, implemented by large prefabricated elements ; loggias and attics dressed entirely of wood. Revegetation terraces and loopholes ends to give the realization sculptural elegance.

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