Apartamento RDJ Cwb

Apartamento RDJ Cwb

Schuchovski Arquitetura
Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil | View Map
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Eduardo Macarios

Apartamento RDJ Cwb

Schuchovski Arquitetura en tant que Architectes.

Located in one of the top buildings in Curitiba, the apartment was designed for a foreign couple who see this city as its own paradise amid a routine of international trips. Our office designed a luxurious yet very contemporary environment, integrated and free from excesses: we favored the use of noble materials (such as marble) and personalized ones (such as carpentry) in the creation of fully integrated environments.


What were the solutions?

To provide a sophisticated and luxurious environment, we chose noble materials, such as white marble, on the floor, and nero madero marble highlighted in the fireplace. We also developed an exclusive joinery work, using a slatted panel, which envelops several walls and creates a circulation axis. Metal details - from rosé stainless steel in light release profiles to handles designed especially by Schuchovski Arquitetura to give originality and personality to the apartment - amplify the feeling of sophistication.
In response to our challenges, we have also created a mixture of sophisticated materials - leather, suede and velvet - in contemporary furniture by Artefacto. Chandeliers and selected artworks complete the concept.

Finally, to respond to the desire for integrated environments, we removed partitions from the kitchen, the lunch and dinner room, so that the residents could take over all the spaces in their routine.


What was the brief?

Our clients - who have been working with us for almost 10 years - wanted a sophisticated, luxurious and, at the same time, contemporary atmosphere, integrated and free from excesses. Another premise was that they should be surprised with a project different from the other houses already carried out by Schuchovski Arquitetura for the couple, and that it would sound new in face of their global architectural repertoire.


What were the key challenges?

Reconciling a project free of excesses, guided by the essence of minimalism, with luxury was the main challenge. Also, our creative process was inspired by the task of conceiving a surprising project for clients who had already made other houses with our office and with global references.

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