Apartamento RC

Apartamento RC

Schuchovski Arquitetura
Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil | View Map
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Eduardo Macarios

Apartamento RC

Schuchovski Arquitetura en tant que Architectes.

For the renovation of this 70m² loft, located in a special neighbourhood in Curitiba, we listed minimalism, the integration of spaces and important designer pieces as key-elements.

Given the size of the loft, one of the many challenges was to achieve a better use of space. We addressed this item through significant changes in the plant and through the choice of colors and materials.


What was the brief?

The main objective of our clients was to obtain a minimalist design: without excesses or too many objects, in order to enhance the circulation and spaciousness.


What were the key challenges?

The 70 m² plant underwent significant changes to improve the use of space. We also created points of prominence and personality in the midst of the minimalist design, mainly through key designer items.


What were the solutions?

We integrated all areas in response to the initial conditions of the plant: panel doors, for example, were used to integrate the living room and kitchen, which gained an area for capturing luminosity where the balcony used to be. We achieved brightness, spaciousness and warmth.

As a highlight in the minimalist environment, we inserted wood tones, especially tauari, as opposed to light gray fabrics and white elements. Few and assertive decorative pieces and signed furniture complete the characterization of this timeless project.

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