Apartamento en Hernán Cortés

Apartamento en Hernán Cortés

Ourense, Spain | View Map
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Apartment in Hernán Cortés (Ourense)

equipoeme estudio en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

This small apartment of just 60 square meters, located in the historic center of the city, takes place in a single volume, whose distribution is articulated by a large paneled volume, which divides the day and night area.

The access is through a glazed entrance with large windows to the outside, which provides natural light to the kitchen and living area.

The kitchen occupies an important part of one of the walls of the day area, even integrating the TV cabinet. In front of this wall there is another, fully paneled in maple wood whose panels conceal and house the indirect lighting.

Behind the large paneled closet that divides the two spaces, is the bedroom and bathroom. This bedroom, as well as the bathroom, have one of its walls fully glazed, showing a garden made with white rockery, and hanging plants. This composition is further enhanced by the arrangement of indirect lighting, which bathes the concrete wall, and the plants from below, creating a very pleasant and intimate atmosphere.

The combination of fully finished surfaces with others shown in their natural state generates interesting textural effects that, with the indirect light, enhance the visual richness of the space.

A continuous gray resin pavement, applied directly on the floor, completes this effect, and also gives the space a great visual cleanliness and maintains the spatial continuity.

Direct light has been treated by means of LED lighting panels, integrated into the ceiling of the day area, in order to achieve a uniform distribution of light on all surfaces.

Finally, indirect light highlights the volumetry and architecture of the space and enhances the effect of the textures we mentioned earlier.

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