Antenna Center

Antenna Center

LMU Arkitektura
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Antenna Center

LMU Arkitektura en tant que Architectes.

New primordial generative square-based prismatic volume –a projection of the TKE-municipal culture house- linked to it by means of an umbilical cord, an aerial gallery which perm      its a fluent synergy of uses. The layout arranges turbine-like exterior access from surrounding streets.

This prism appears light and graceful as thin as possible. Its laminar structure will not occlude the original presence of the TKE, nor will it show up intolerably massive over the existing parking surface.

A given spatial capacity is to be achieved, and so the initial laminar volume must be allowed to grow in two places:

The stage house, which descends to a height of one metre over the ground at the exterior parking lot.

Over the stands of the auditorium, which folds its covering upwards, thus generating an exterior flight of stands on the roof. This folding hosts a café, open to the outdoor space, as to an urban accessible roof.

Such gestures do not only not distort or ballast the image of the laminar prism, but also enable a fluid and dynamic reading of its activity, preventing an intrusive occlusion of the TKE.

The stage house is reversible. It can operate to the inner auditorium or to the exterior, to hold events, or opened to both sides in a multiple combined interior-exterior performance.

Urban park roofing: Accessible from the TKE, from the interior of the new ANTENNA itself, and from Lapurdi street by a ramp. The roofing includes the services of an urban park: contemplative transverse transit, café-restaurant, performances, etc.

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