And who wants to visit a Museum?

And who wants to visit a Museum?

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And who wants to visit a Museum?

Building Pictures en tant que Médias.

Damião de Góis Museum and the Victims of the Inquisition

The film “Damião de Góis Museum and the Victims of the Inquisition” from Spaceworkers architects and produced by Building Pictures goes through the confrontation of two different generations by opening a discussion about the importance of Museums nowadays once we live in such a digital world.  


During the film we are guided by the tour of a mother that loves to visit museums and also by the voice-over of her son who questions her interest in these visits: “And who wants to visit a museum? Isn’t it just a space full of stories that had happened centuries ago? And stories about…people that were no longer alive and never have Facebook or Instagram? And why would I visit a museum, even one that used to be a church, anyway? Haven’t you heard about Google yet?”  


Damião de Góis Museum is based in Alenquer and it is located in an old church that was recently rehabilitated by the award-winning architects of Paredes, to tell the story of the humanist Damião de Góis and the victims of the inquisition. In the film, the son tells us that this is his mother's favorite museum: "I think she likes the fact that old and new, past and present come together there.” 


But in the end, movies are digital objects too, right? Through this debate, the film intends to invite people to visit the museum: “My mother says that on the Internet you cannot truly understand the geometry of the ceiling and the texture of the brick walls, or travel around the fragmented nucleus…” 

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