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We Design Beautiful Memories

Archtonica Architects en tant que Architectes.

It's impossible to go through a single day without encountering architecture. The built environment is entwined with every facet of our lives ,from our work to our homes to our hobbies and social lives.


Architecture inspires people to think, so it's no wonder that so many famous writers, artists, politicians and designers have such profound and fascinating observations about architecture. Whether you embrace minimalism or adore flamboyance, everyone has experiences and tastes that shape the way they interact with the built world.

Every place we interact daily we interact and make a memory as well as we interact with a background in our memories !

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From this fact we have created our vision to create a beautiful memories with our work , we don't mean the design work only , we are taking from the big view to make a beautiful memories with the best absolute communication plan , with the best time saving and the best implementation job with high delivery end to the product .. etc .

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The secret in every success we achieve is that we are our main project we are building and developing ourselves in every project and all the time .

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The story of this beautiful project that we were assigned to design a proposal for the Elevations and landescape for an exeisting project already , but as usual when we are asked to do a small job in a project we automaticaly go to the big bicture and evaluate the all project to add more value and make it priceless 

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So we asked our client to study our plan to redesign the project not to make a design development , No wonder it was a big risk as a project owner to start all this process again andpay for another one again to redesign an agreed design already !

so he asked us what do you can provide for me and we said (life) !!

shoot029.jpgAfter 60 days of hard working and wondering from our client that we never propsed him any concept we did not show him any idea about wher his project is going to be , all we did in Archtonica that we were disscusing with him about his old  design and this was our entrance to win this project our communication plan thanks to our Chief Executive Mohamed Shafik , as well as he is the project designer .

c001.jpgNo need to say that how our client was shooked with the new design "I didnot imagen that i can have such an amazing home " he said .


We have developed the land with the same Architecture program,with less of 600 Cubic meters concrete , with triple size of swimming pool !!!! with high level of privacy and this was a big challenge .


Unusual design for the seating area shade Inspired by the symbols of Arab civilization  in a modern elegant way , designed from steel and wood . 




The Designer  

Mohamed Shafik 


Through 12 years of working as an Architect , Interior designer and project manager  i have been involved into many type of projects residential , commercial , mixed use and Marine projects . etc .

Along this journey i was asking myself when i am hired to sign a new project what is the best absolute i can deliver ?.


Years after years and project after project i have got the best absolute answer , and its to develop yourself inside the project to get the best value for yourself ,so this will automatically reflects into the projects and all the stakeholders .

So now when i am asked to sign a new project i sometimes spent many months to study the project and collect the requirements , i measure myself every time with every project and ask myself what can i add to this client and this project , so i redesign myself with every new project with every new opportunity .

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