Alfaro Cultural Center

Alfaro Cultural Center

Estudio Peña Ganchegui & Associates
Alfaro, Spain
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Alfaro Cultural Center

Estudio Peña Ganchegui & Associates en tant que Architectes.

The first aim of the project is to bring together the different parts of the program in one building, revolving around a new public space "excavated" in the lot, surrounded by the gesture of creating this public space and conecting it with the principal entries. One of the most desirable conections, wich is the one that gives the real level height of it, is the chance of direct comunication with “Paseo de la Florida”.

The public space created is developed in three diferent levels, with the intermidiate offering the access level, linking the ground level (with the aid of a ramp) with the first floor (with a staircase). Each one of them works as an anteroom lobby of the diferent areas, and finds the way of placing them making them independent in its use. The library is on the lower level, the intermidiate is for the Music School, while the Music Hall stands in the top level, and the Cultural Facilities are distributed among the three levels, providing possible access from each of them.

The building offers an excellent performance from bioclimatic point of view, due to the partial burial condition, providing natural insulation, and having facades with different orientations, multiplied by the provision of public space in the courtyard, that ensures cross ventilation.

The enclosure is solved by a concrete structural grid, filling the resulting boxes with a ventilated ceramic skin, with different levels of opacity.

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