Comprehensive reform of an appartment in the city center

Laura Ortín Architecture en tant que Architectes.

The owners of this appartment bought it with the previous plan of remodelling it. They contacted the office to seek advice regarding the suitability and chances of remodelling.The house had enough square meters, light and an unbeatable location.The rest will be provided by the new design.

The creative process consisted of a “tags cloud”, words taken from our first meeting which helped the clients having a clear picture of ideas (wish list).

Another creative initiative was to include the curve as expressive geometry enabling the perfect organisation of small spaces and creating other perspectives, visuals and sensations.

Therefore, a curvilinear area divides the day area (translucent) from the nigh area (more compartmentilized). We did not want this division to be a thin weakling partition. We wanted it to have strength and presence. Thus, we provided it with thickness and usage:kitchen and some living room`s furniture.


In the area of more nightly use of the house, spaces have been opened up and the corridors’ length reduce as much as possible. The main bedroom is equipped with an ensuite divided bathroom to use the space allowing a simultaneous use.

A mainly minimalistic aesthetic is a consequence of the client’s will of having a house charged with “invisible” details, a clean space without unnecessary elements.

We have chosen three colours: white, grey and wooden. These three tones are constantly repeated throughout the house depending on the room. An exception exists in a bedroom where the pink colour appears as an emerging ”pop up” in a children´s room.

Each reform belongs to the people who are going to live there. Therefore, the project rejects other colours or materials conciously and dramatically. Similarly, the project also rejects discordant elements which may hinder the concept of sublime here pursued, seached or needed...

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