Air New Zealand ‘Clothes Hangar’

Air New Zealand ‘Clothes Hangar’

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Katrina Rees

Air New Zealand’s ‘Clothes Hangar’

Gascoigne Associates Ltd en tant que interior designers.

Air New Zealand’s ‘Clothes Hangar" brief was to create a space that embodied Trelise Cooper’s new uniform design direction and the Air New Zealand brand. The solution the designers came up with is a nod to a swept up eclectic kiwi Bach, providing staff a 'shopping' experience like none other.

Gascoigne Associates designers Clark Pritchard and Theresa Ricacho consulted with Saatchi Design Worldwide to ensure the tie in with ‘the common thread’ sub-brand idea and on the design of the wall decals, wallpaper and ‘pictures’.

The ‘Clothes Hangar’ is located amongst factories and industrial warehouses, not the usual place where you would expect to discover a full service head to toe styling and grooming experience. However, a unique experience is exactly what Air New Zealand staff encounter once they pass through the blocked out front entrance and enter into a bright, clean and white space. On arrival staff are greeted by the ‘Clothes Hangar’ stylists. They can watch the welcome video on the LCD screen and view mannequins dressed in the new uniform, giving them an opportunity to see how the different uniform pieces can work together as a total wardrobe solution, as well as touch and feel the final fabrications.

The ‘Clothes Hangar’ walls are entirely finished in random patterned 'V' grooved panelling. Floors are a washed oak laminate and together they provide the perfect backdrop to the 'blue' tube racking, which ‘taxis’ its way around the 'shop' and into the fitting rooms and which reflects the ‘common thread’ concept throughout the space.

Kartell furniture and accessories are positioned on shelves around the walls alongside ‘framed’ 'graffiti' prints extracted directly from the back of the men’s waistcoat design. The 'check-out' area is highlighted with a bright pink counter with ‘graffiti’ designs printed on textured wallpaper. Outside the ‘check-out’ space is a large ornate framed window covered in Polaroid images of staff in their new uniforms. The ‘Styling Room’ with on-site beauty consultants offers staff the opportunity to select new shoes and beauty consultants can demonstrate preferred make-up applications and hair do’s to fully accent the new uniform. On leaving staff are asked to write a comment about their experience on brightly coloured post-it notes, which are stuck to the entry lobby walls.

The response from Air New Zealand staff, management and uniform designer Trelise Cooper, has been tremendous, all have been ‘blown away’ by the whole experience.

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