Ailaic - Interior Refurbishment Of And Old Factory

Ailaic - Interior Refurbishment Of And Old Factory

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Two-Bo Arquitectura & Albert Rusi y Jorge Arberas

Ailaic - Interior Refurbishment Of And Old Factory

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The space we found, which is located in a narrow passage near the Gaudi temple of the “Sagrada Familia”, had originally been an aluminum frame factory, and after that it was converted into a conventional parking lot.

The aim of the project was to transform that industrial space into a new flexible exhibition hall.

The greatest virtue of the space we found was its strong industrial presence, due to its high ceilings, its concrete structure and the bright light which falls from the skylights, flooding the bare concrete floor. Our intervention sought to enhance the spirit of the original space using the lowest possible budget.

The light of the old skylights was enough to give character to the space, so we just had to clean all the elements to make the most of that light.

The program requirements were minimal; just three public bathrooms in the space. So, three wooden boxes were placed in the main space, just as if a boy had been playing with his wooden blocks. 

The exteriors of the boxes are rough, reused wooden pallets, following the industrial character of the room. But, inside every box, a surprise is hidden, a completely domestic space, warm and protected, furnished with old furniture.

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