Ai Giudici – coffee &drinks

Ai Giudici – coffee &drinks

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Studio DiDeA

Ai Giudici – coffee &drinks

StudioDiDeA en tant que Association.

The concept for the project "Ai Giudici - coffee &drinks" isborn from the need to ensure the flexibility of a space for coffee shop by day and pubat night. In order to ensurethis double meaning of the spacewithin the sameit'spossible mix the loungecharacter of the coffee house, as the warmth of wood in the spaces for the breakfast, and the strongercharacter of iron - rust color - thatfit the project for the night pub.

The materialsused in twodifferentspaceslendthemselves to a stronglyidentifying the functionsthat take placemainlywithinthem. In areaswhere breakfast isserved, the woodinveststables and chairs, elements containers and planters on the walls and light fixtures on the ceiling; theseelements, characterized by wooden modular volumes, are graftedonto a lightweightironthatstarts from the floor and through the walls and ceiling by wrapping the entirespace. In the middle of the room, where night work takesplacemainlythrough the sale of cocktails, breaks the volume treatedironrust color thatembracesfloor, walls and ceiling, and thatincludes the bar counterilluminated by soft lightingsuspended.

The flexible nature of the spaceisthenassuredthanks to the presence of elements of furniturethat, beingable to constantlychange position in the modular metal structure, allow to obtaindifferentconfigurationsdepending on the use youwant to do and depending on the different hours of the day. Even the seats can changeconfigurationplacedverticallyasstools or placedhorizontallyasbenches.Thismultifunctionalaspectof the projectis a strong element of attraction for thecustomers,who can find a place of constantchange.

Finally, in order to ensure the removal of architecturalbarriers, a floatingfloor on ironlegshasbeenlaid over the entiresurface, elevatedthan the original, thusreaching the entranceheight of the local and promoting the accessibility and practicability to the disabled. Thisfloorleaves to notice in some areas, making up of iron and glass, the originalmarblefloor,enhanced by the presence of a widespread LED lighting under the glasssurface.

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