Ahvaz Railway Station Memorial

Ahvaz Railway Station Memorial

Studio Eiraji
Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, Iran | View Map

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Ahvaz Railway Station Memorial by

Studio Eiraji en tant que Architecture Firm.

Design and Creation Studio, Studio Eiraji, with its Iranian-Turkish architects and designers, has finished their recent memorial project for the Martyrs of Ahwaz Railway Station.

Iran is a country with a great civilization and with different nationalities such as Persian, Azeri, Kurd, Arab, Lor, Baluch and etc. and with these great culture and history needs especial designs for their urban projects.

The railway of Islamic Republic of Iran, has held a design competition for its railway stations memorials in different cities and invited design studios and companies to join this competition and Studio Eiraji selected Ahvaz, city in south of the country which contains Persian, Arab and Lor natives, as their design location.

Principal Architect, Javad Eiraji and Design Manager Ali Judaki with their design team, Elnaz Tofighi, Fatemeh Ramezanpour, Parisa Masudi, Shima Nuri and Mahshad Fakhraeinia have tried to use native symbols and architectural details in this project. Paying attention to the flag of the country, the logo of the Railway organization, the symbols of martyrs and Islamic architecture details are some important factors which have been used in design process of this project.


Ahvaz Railway Station Memorial

Architecture Firm: Studio Eiraji

Principal Architect: Javad Eiraji

Design Manager: Ali Judaki

Design Team: Elnaz Tofighi, Fatemeh Ramezanpour, Parisa Masoudi, Shima Nouri, Mahshad Fakhraeinia

Client: Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Location: Ahvaz, Iran

Status: Architectural Competition Proposal

Year: 2020

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