Ahoy’ exhibition and congress center

Ahoy’ exhibition and congress center

Benthem Crouwel Architects
Rotterdam, Netherlands | View Map
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Ahoy’ exhibition and congress center, Rotterdam

Benthem Crouwel Architects en tant que architect.

This was a question of remodelling and extending the main entrance, and adding a new exhibition area and a new entrance to the sports centre in Rotterdam. The original structure of the complex, with the entrance serving as central spine and main juncture, has been left intact. The terrain was extended to both north and south, with on the north side a second entrance to the parking lots, while the concrete footbridge from the Zuidplein shopping/underground rail complex was demolished. The main entrance has been expanded on the north side with a full-height entrance hall, with on the south side two upper levels for delivery/ disposal and workshops. The intervening area has been renovated and rehabbed. Existing areas of floor were either extended or demolished to create a cohesive public area that meshes with the other building volumes. On the two uppermost storeys is a conference centre. The new exhibition hall is a columnless, undivided space, taller than the existing halls. The movements of the public in the new entrance of the sports centre are visible from outside through the glass hall and ranges of stairs.

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