Francois Lombarts en tant que Association.

Designer Francois Lombarts and artist Paul Cox designed a new market stall for Freehouse intended to function as the market centre for the Afrikaandermarkt in Rotterdam.

It had been determined that the Afrikaandermarkt missed a central point, around which the market could be oriented, a gathering point from which the market and neighborhood could present itself.

The concept of the market centre is a based on the old Greek concept of an Agora, the market place functions not only as place where goods are sold and bought but also a place of social interaction where political and social ideas are exchanged.

In order to function as the hart of the market the 'Markt Agora' takes the traditional market stall design and opens it up towards the market around it. By lifting the roof upwards the intention is to create an inviting space open to new ideas.

The design 'Markt Agora' is a multifunctional market stall, that can be set up for various public activities and presentations, such a catwalk, cooking workshops, and debates.

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