Adequate garden and pool ALE

Adequate garden and pool ALE

Enric Rojo Arquitectura
Alella, Spain | View Map
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Garden and pool - an outside room of the house.

Enric Rojo Arquitectura en tant que Architectes.

The client required an aesthetic and use change of the current garden and the incorporation of a swimming pool. The strategy is to understand the garden with an ‘outside room of the house’.

The aesthetic and functional change involves the redesign of the space and the choice of appropriate materials for different uses. For the pool area, we bet on working the pavements and the bench with clay materials that provide naturalness and consistency.

The perimeter vegetation surrounds the garden, giving a visual richness that is enhanced by the variation in height and volume of the different species planted in order to control the views with respect to the neighbors and reduce the visual impact of a perimeter fence. The incorporation of artificial lighting gives presence in the garden also at night and allows you to enjoy views from inside the house.


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