Accès and promenade in Benalmádena (Málaga)

Accès and promenade in Benalmádena (Málaga)

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Fernando Alda

Accès and promenade in Benalmádena (Málaga)

EL MUELLE ARQUITECTOS en tant que Architectes.

In Benalmádena Costa, among large tourist complexes, this intervention is linked to tradition, landscape and memory. Recovering fragments of this linked to the sea and nature and using materials linked to the marine tradition. 

An entrance hall is built, a viewpoint to the Mediterranean, which links Antonio Machado avenue and the Torrequebrada promenade through a staircase carved on the hillside that solves a sharp jump. 

The intervention values ​​the landscape condition of the place as well as its hinge position between Torrevigía beach and Torrequebrada beach. A soft and a hard band is developed throughout the walk, the soft band is destined for the landscaped areas of Mediterranean species as well as urban furniture and lighting, generating a mattress space between the hotel complex and the promenade. Different positions are selected for the location of spaces for landscape contemplation, rest or lying in the sun. The hard space is intended for the ride and sports practices. 

Somehow a small oasis is recovered in the city, which seeks shelter and enjoy our landscape.

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