Acacias Madrid Río

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The objective of the project is to create an attractive garden colony habitat in the center of Madrid, where the green corridor and Madrid Rio are references of nature, exterior life and healthy leisure.

The utopia of the garden city is proposed, so that the inhabitants can see a tree or vegetation from their homes, which differentiates them from the urban character of the rest of the surrounding promotions.

Outdoor life is paramount, but not only in the common areas, but in each home, which has a large terrace, covered in the lower floors and discovered in the semi-static and attic floors. The outdoor terraces of penthouses allow you to enjoy privileged views of the south and west of Madrid, dominated over the Manzanares river and Madrid Río.


 We opt for two actions that are considered fundamental in the success of the project:

- Reduce the buildable depth of the 24 meters allowed to 16.20 meters, freeing up as much space as possible for the landscaped interior zone that will have a very favorable sunshine.

- Renounce the built front to Melilla Street. In this way, two independent fronts are generated, one staggered to Carmen Cobeña street and another one to Paseo de las Acacias, both with freedom of movement and with enough distance to give privacy, ventilation and sunny relief to all homes.


Once this initial strategist is defined, the volumetry is qualified with subtle but effective adjustments:

- the two built volumes are divided generating a series of independent blocks and separated 4 meters from each other, allowing the rooms to have double façades and the kitchens and clotheslines to be adequately ventilated and illuminated.

- The different blocks of a 2 meter wide perimeter terrace are surrounded, aligned on the outside with the plot limit. A house will have a front terrace and the immediately superior one will enjoy a side terrace, both opening to the living room, so that its surface is not computable.


The communication cores are placed in the center of the blocks and 4 corner houses with double orientation are arranged around it. The common corridors and long and unnecessary circulations are therefore avoided.

In total there are 105 apartments, all with terrace and double orientation.

Material Used:

1. Facade: Ventilated facade Wandegar

2. Roof: ITM

3. Blinds: Durmi

4. Windows: Cortizo

5. Common areas cladding and floors: Bedyfa

Crédits de projet
Fiche technique du produit

Fiche technique du produit
by Bedyfa
by Cortizo
by Durmi
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