A Yunmen Mountain Silhouette

A Yunmen Mountain Silhouette


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A Yunmen Mountain Silhouette

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After Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, the National Sports Bureau gave great support to the folk promotion of the ice and snow sports, and the people also showed great enthusiasm. In this context, two new all-seasons dry snow ski resorts have been built in Beijing and Qingzhou, Shandong recently. In the snow-free season, they will provide training grounds for the national single-board Olympic team. At the same time, they will be open to the public and become a new sports entertainment attraction.


The Yunmen Mountain all-seasons Resort is located at the Qilu Mountain Region. Although the local city of Qingzhou is famous for its history and vernacular architecture, visitors can immediately feel the presence of the vast nature when immersed in the mountains. Hence, the design generator is based on integration into the mountains and nature, rather than cultural expression or history.


Four Overarching Design Principles:

1. Continuation of the Mountain Ridges, with diminishing massing

2. Sense of speed

3. A multi-dimensional extension of architectural programming

4. The Skiers’ varying line of Sight


On a macro scale, the site is located at the southern ridge of Yunmen Mountain. The piste is the only artificial feature visible against the naturally dark mountain backdrop, while most of the architectural bulk is tucked below the piste itself, which terminates 12 meters above the access road. Within this 12 meters, the Ski Resort Service Center opens out to the same access road, welcoming visitors, and keeping support spaces out of the skiers’ viewpoint. Skiers can thus focus on the piste itself, while enjoying views out to nature.


Like wind blowing against strips of paper, the piste hugs closely to the mountain ridge like a wave of white moving downwards. The south side of the wave corresponds to the large indoor space below, while the north side serves as the resort entrance, and other circulation. Where the wave curls slightly upwards at the second and third floors, an open terrace space is defined for visitors to relax at the bottom of the piste. Observation stands on top of the third floor offers visitors the best possible spectator positions to watch the field.


The planning of the piste had been closely collaborated with Slope Specialist JianFeng, to craft slopes of varying difficulties and functions.In order to meet the needs of different programs, there are 10 degrees lane at the primary level; 15 degrees at the intermediate level for snowboarding run; and the tubing slopes are set at 6, 15, and 20 degrees respectively. It is necessary to apply the longest slope to meet the trend of the ridge and the scenery, as well as six slopes are aligned with the width of the service area below.


All indoor spaces are connected by a service corridor along the mountain terrace, while three large elevators cater to the need of skiers and their gear. There is also an indoor ski facility provided for kids for their fun and exploration, which can be used as a shelter for all during sudden changes in the weather.

Material Used:

1. SG Solar Patterned Low Iron Glass – Facade Cladding

2. Parklex–interior wall

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