A Quiet Place to Sit and Rest

A Quiet Place to Sit and Rest

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Alyssa & Kyle Trulen

Connecting people and nature

Thermory en tant que Fabricants.

The result of this considered design process is a seat for people and for trees. Inspired by “The Giving Tree”, a book by Shel Silverstein, designers Kyle and Alyssa Trulen set out to prove that a bench can be a pleasant and beautiful respite for people while also protecting and benefiting the tree. The bench encourages people to establish a relationship with the tree and the nature around them and also to consider this relationship, with the intention of sparking a healthier urban environment. The seat is not just stunningly attractive – it also serves several important ecological roles, such as protecting the outer layers of the tree and limiting soil compaction, both of which damage trees in the long run.

The bench was created using Thermory’s Benchmark thermally modified ash and pine. A Quiet Place to Sit and Rest wasn’t just designed with sustainable materials. The innovative design is made to grow with the tree: the bench was designed in sections, mimicking the look of growth rings on a tree, and hidden latches lock sections together while also making it possible to remove inner layers as the tree grows. The result is a bench that complements the natural beauty of the tree while also protecting it, growing with it and serving as a catalyst for larger discussions about the relationship between trees and humans. This bench won the grand prize at the 2018 Street Seats: Urban Benches for Vibrant Cities. This international design contest challenged participants to reimagine the public bench and boasted over 200 entries from 24 different countries and 22 US states.

The strong influence of sustainability in the design process made Thermory an obvious choice for the building materials. Responsibly harvested from renewable forests and modified with only heat and steam, Thermory wood offers the appealing qualities of tropical wood with significantly more sustainable features.

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Alyssa & Kyle Trulen

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