A House in Tsukishima

A House in Tsukishima

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Koichi Torimura

A House in Tsukishima

ICADA en tant que Architectes.

This is a renovation project that making a very special space between inside and outside of the wall of the house in Tsukishima, Tokyo. We create this small house renovation in pursuit of human body in the space.


Although the building, “The house in Tsukishima”has a simple appearance, this is a conceptual housing project; it focuses on the relationship between human body and the living space. “The Ring” is the features We designed to realize the concept.


It is made of polished stainless.It is put between inside and outside of the wall so that the Ring creates extra ‘spaces’ is difficult to understand the depth. This ‘space’ is for the wall, not for human. This contradictory perception change the seemingly normal life space to those foreign.


Our indication is that such “disappearance” of human body makes one’s mind closer to the space through the experience of living in this house.


Each furniture, lighting equipment and doors are exclusively designed for this building to provide modest symbolic attitude in the interior. Especially, the closet set at the center of the living room is made of transparent material shows the visual independency of the closet from the wall and wooden floor – the factors surround one’s body.

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