A House

A House

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Lee Kuo-Min
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A House

Clearspace Design & Research en tant que Architectural Design.

This building is an old factory that is more than 50 years old. Except for the structural columns, we demolished and retained some brick walls, and rebuilt the building and interior design.A House is a workspace. We hope to bring people home feeling - warm and safe. This allows building a close relationship between people and the environment. The appearance of the sloping roof is like a home. This is a concept that extends from home to the workplace. Work can be like a home where people can generate close relations.


This work combines green building, smart building, urban farmland, and energy-saving design to create a landscape that can share resources and design, creating a circular and sustainable ecology. It restarted the community's co-creation activities and made the exterior a recognizable natural life landscape. The rice field is a memory of the south of the Yangtze River. The small farm that in front of the building makes a joyful and harmonious space for employees. When the Chinese solar terms in autumn, all employees and community members will gather together to harvest, just like the memory of hometown. It’s a home feel to the workplace. Then we will never far from home.


New bricks must be made like old bricks in order to be fused, and they will not be placed here like a new thing. The red brick walls demonstrate a quaint, traditional Chinese atmosphere. Outside the old red brick wall, the architect decided to build a new layer of the red brick wall. The middle of the two red brick walls remains hollow. The air in the middle isolates the outdoor heat conduction and forms effective isolation with benefit for the building.


Three main appeals: Comfort, Energy, Environment


Using German GANEKER technology, the west side wall was kept to preserve the interaction between the outdoor and the indoor. It not only blocks the conduction of air and radiant heat but also adds a clever spin to a traditional design. Windows are from VELUX from Denmark. They combined with the window blinds to separate the glaring daylight. Fresh air and scenery are the focus of the surrounding design. The windows help us meet this goal.

Daylight is the main design feature of this building. It employs not only facade windows, but also skylights in the atriums, which improve the daylight environment in the inner area. The curtain wall towards the east maximized the daylight level of the office area. The average daylight factor is above 4.2%.



As calculated, the energy consumption of the building is expected to reach 43kWh/m2a for cooling, heating, ventilation, plumbing, and lighting annually.



This building is refurbished following the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) principle. Use environmentally friendly materials. The recycled materials, such as bearing steel frame structures, metal roofs, glazing curtain walls are used in the project. The friendly materials, for instance, includes FSC wood, the GAINKER building resins, low VOC paint, and so on.


Collaborating Companies Credits:

Owner:Heyi Construction Decoration, Zenghua Chen

Brand Strategy:Clearspace Design & Research

Planning:Ryan Kuo

Design Participants:Wenfeng Chen, Jianya Sun, Ryan Kuo, TAO&C, Margaux 

                                             Lhermitte, Huang Yingjie, Wang Zhi, Mike Loh, Huang Shan 

Architectural Design:Clearspace Design & Research

Construction:Heyi Construction Decoration

Landscape Consultant:Alfie Lin, Lianqu Lai

Lighting Consultant:Viabizzuno

Visual Identity System:Rightlane Design


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