A cosy outdoor for a restaurant in the Alps

A cosy outdoor for a restaurant in the Alps

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Pergotenda Exyl Corradi: a cosy outdoor for a restaurant among the Alps

Corradi en tant que Pergola, Pergotenda.

In the splendid setting of the Alps, overlooking a lake, you will find Philiaz restaurant and cocktail bar, a trendy and elegant place conceived from an innovative and unique catering idea.

In fact, the name derives from Phileas Fogg, a character created by Jules Verne for his eighty-day round-the-world trip around the world, and the motivation is simple and evocative: the restaurant opens the doors of its kitchen, in alternation, to chefs from the most varied places in the world.  

But at the Philiaz restaurant, gastronomic innovation rhymes with dialogue with nature.

In fact, inside the cocktail bar the visitor is enveloped by tones of grey and brown, present everywhere from the seats to the walls, from the curtains to the counter. Also noteworthy are the wooden ceiling beams, painted in light colours, which support the roof of the structure, which has a glass skylight in the centre that allows natural lighting to filter through. 

But if inside some decorations seem to be inspired by the grass and the surrounding greenery, it is outside that the visitor can really experience the majesty of the panorama. 

Surrounded by mountains and close to the lake, the restaurant is literally immersed in nature: breathtaking but sometimes difficult to enjoy in the winter months, the outdoor space is the added value of the restaurant. To make the outdoor space welcoming and comfortable, the Bergundal studio, which was responsible for the project, chose the Pergotenda® Exyl by Corradi.

With its essential lines and light structure, Exyl blends minimalism and practicality to create a pleasant and sheltered outdoor living room with a privileged view of the South Tyrolean hills. The outdoor bar and its seats are also immersed in a special atmosphere thanks to a unique wallpaper that recalls the waves of the sea.

The Pergotenda® Exyl can be wall mounted or freestanding, and is the perfect solution to create shaded spaces especially for the hospitality sector thanks to its many customizations: in fact, the custom-made sheet can be curved, stretched, tightened with spacers or in trapezoidal shape.


Both outdoors and indoors, Philiaz is a lively and youthful place, which offers a kitchen in continuous movement, without sacrificing the environmental heritage that surrounds it by adopting stylistic solutions that enhance it both indoors and outdoors. 

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