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Aninash Aachar

40 x 4 x 0

M9 Design Studio en tant que Architectes.

Located in Bangalore, the three-storey house was designed to provide a home for a young couple. This house is built on a triangular strip of land of 4m wide and 40m long. For this ground that looks too long and tight, we adopted a way to construct a house by reinterpreting scale, natural light, and the use of each room. 


Instead of setting one concept to design it, we made five specific proposals.


1: Balancing of scale and light

Height of each room is adjusted according to the number of users and the use of the room. For example, the kitchen is 2.1m high while the living room is 3.2m. The room used by one person has limited natural light while the space people gather is much brighter. Balancing of scale and light brings a character to simple one room.


2: Dismantling

By dismantling living room and dining room, we avoided large area concentrated to one place. As these spaces that have public nature are dispersed, lines of flow work effectively. 


3: Unrestricting

We suggested the way of living to utilise the space other than wet areas (kitchen, bathroom etc) without restricting its purpose. In some, the space setting becomes neutral; you can sleep, dine or relax whenever you like. For example, dining in the study with open balcony may be more enjoyable than in dining space along with the kitchen.


4: Overlapping

By overlapping multiple uses on one space, efficiency of floor space is improved. This narrow and long building that could be described as all lines of flow, is designed as functional, effective and liberating space by applying these operations.


5: Playful facade

A playful white skin with square perforations wraps around the three sides. Perforations in the facade allow light to filter through to the interior spaces, while maintaining privacy from the street.


The entrance is positioned on a side wall, sheltered beneath the upper floor volume. It leads into the house through a small reception zone. A staircase ascends up through the middle of all three, so all spaces had to be organised around it. It was built from white powder-coated steel and features  treads with open risers. Bedrooms are positioned at the front of the house on both the floors, while the kitchen is tucked away at the back. The kitchen on the middle floor features wooden cupboards, a glass splash-back and a solid surface steel worktop. Cement floors run throughout the house, complementing wooden shelving and furniture.


Material Used :

1. LG Hausys - UPVC windows

2. Ultratech - Cement

3. Tata TMT - Reinforcement steel

4. Jindal Steel Works - Mild Steel components

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Tata TMT - Reinforcement steelTata Steel
Mild Steel componentsJindal Steel
UPVC windowsLG Hausys, Ltd
Fiche technique du produit
Tata TMT - Reinforcement steel
Mild Steel components
UPVC windows
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