360 housing units in Pontoise

360 housing units in Pontoise

PLAN 01 architects
Zac Bossut 95300, Pontoise , France
Année du projet
Frédéric Delangle

360 housing units in Pontoise

PLAN 01 architects en tant que Architectes.

Atypical solutions for atypical constraints How do you create architectural quality and diversity within a large-scale building complex within a short timeframe (10 months of planning, 24 months of construction) and at a building cost of 1,450 € /m² inhabitable surface area, parking included?

Following the client’s decision to use a “Design-build” procedure that corresponded to the cost and scheduling issues, we had to work smartly and collectively to implement inventive strategies.

The roof terraces of the buildings are laid out to welcome mutualized outdoor spaces instead of private ones. They are distinguished by thematic colors: “red-athletics” (sports, games, etc.), “blue-pool” (relaxation, children’s playground), and “green-garden” (vegetable garden, ping-pong, etc.).

Theinhabitants will be able to inhabit the rooftops and most importantly, they will be able to inhabit them together.No illusions or fake utopias in these shared uses, as the occupants (gendarmes and their families) are used to a coherent, organized community living.

In contrast to the classic housing block that had been put forth in the initialworking brief, the collective Plan01 instead chose diversity and proposed a varying building height that created a skyline devoid of monotony and with multiple views.

The 5 firms that make up thecollective PLAN01 worked side by side on this project, each one working separately on portions of the buildings that had been preliminarily assigned according to a master plan. In this way, each part retains its own characteristics (facades, colors, etc.) that bear the imprint of the firm that designed it. Because the firms work together in a workshop setting, the whole of the project is carried out with a sense of cohesion, and at the same time, it containsa diversity of architectural expression that usually only time brings to the building of a city.

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