36 Carrington
Brett Boardman
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Chandelier Vibia
Bath and KitchenRogerseller
Catalano Zero wall hung pan, Mint Basin Mixer, Eon Robe hook, Roll holder
BenchtopCORIAN® Design
Glacier Ice
Datauni TilesArtedomus
Maximum Ice
TimberBriggs Veneers
Smoked Oak
Acoustic InsulationCSR Martini
Absorb XHD

Fiche technique du produit
Bath and Kitchen
Catalano Zero wall hung pan, Mint Basin Mixer, Eon Robe hook, Roll holder by Rogerseller
Glacier Ice by CORIAN® Design
Datauni Tiles
Maximum Ice by Artedomus
Smoked Oak by Briggs Veneers
Acoustic Insulation
Absorb XHD by CSR Martini

Calme, équilibré et contemporain

Make Architects en tant que Architectes.

Make transforms 1970s block into sustainable new commercial space
Make Architects completed custom renovations on a 2,876m2 1970s office building located on Carrington Street in Sydney's business district , for Brookfield Properties. The result is the transformation of a 1970s concrete-framed building into major new urban fixture - an example of sustainability in renovation.
The original ten-story building, which overlooks Wynyard Park and is adjacent to the Wynyard Transportation Interchange - itself being drastically reinvented by Make Architects - was not appealing to today's commercial tenants. Brookfield asked Make to create a high-quality boutique office that emphasizes flexibility.

Minimize Waste - Maximize Efficiency 
The goal of the renovation was to retain the majority of the existing concrete structure, which, although structurally sound, was difficult to work with. The team took what was staple 1970s commercial stock and dramatically improved it, transforming the look and feel of the house to create a bespoke line of flexible and highly efficient open office tops.
Only the most restrictive elements of the structure were removed, and the targeted demolition massively reduced demolition waste and saved tons of construction materials.

From Carrington Street, the building has been reinvented. Referring to the perforated windows of the adjacent Lisgar House, listed as a historic monument, Make installed three floor-to-ceiling window bays per floor, with anodized aluminum louvers that gradually protrude outward on the upper levels and contrast with the dark anthracite gray brick which now anchors the building. On the tenth floor, the windows culminate in spectacular double-height bays.
Simon Lincoln, director of Make Architects in Sydney, said “We were tenants here before the work started and so we knew the potential of the building. Clearly the main conceptual innovation was understanding that the original building could be conserved and reused, and the project constitutes an important reference for what can be achieved during the redevelopment of an existing urban site, in particular considering the city's building stock, which is increasingly aging.

"Such projects are likely to play an important role in extending the life of existing structures while allowing for valuable savings in energy and resources. For a store development, the building has been pre-let to 40 % in Brookfield, which is a huge boost for their investment in reinventing the neighborhood. ”

A lively streetscape
The program reinforces activity and interest at the street level by providing an enriched mix of uses. On Carrington Street, a double-height lobby and retail units liven up the streetscape, while on Wynyard Lane there is space for a bar or restaurant and access to a basement unit, which itself has the potential of a sweatshop.

Make Architects' interior design concept focuses on the transition from light to dark, with elevator lobbies and convenience spaces designed as minimalist sculptural boxes clad in gray laminate and smoked oak veneer. The entry sequence surprises with a bright double-height entrance, clad in microblasted stainless steel, followed by a secondary reception area, more domestic in appearance, with smoked oak veneer coverings and black leather seats. for the benches. The concrete slab was left exposed, just like the existing beams and services, which gives authenticity to the expression and experience of the building and refers to the main design axis of the project.

Reusing so much of the existing building has dramatically improved the energy efficiency of the building in service with the specification of highly insulated cladding systems and the adoption of updated services to provide heating and cooling for offices. Deep clearances around the double-glazed windows provide sun protection. 29 spaces for bicycles and associated equipment have also been included. The building must informally aim for a NABERS rating.

Rebecca McKee, Director of Development, Brookfield Properties, said "Completion of 36 Carrington Street heralds a new era for Wynyard, which is on its way to becoming a premier destination for offices and retail in the heart. from the Sydney CBD The 36 Carrington project exemplifies Brookfield Properties' commitment to excellence in everything we do, big and small, and will be another important link throughout the Wynyard neighborhood. ".

Materials used:
1. Lotus - Glas-STAX fineframe - Folding glass doors
2. Five at Heart - Maximus 2 locker system
3. Viridian - MirraEcho Clear mirror
4. Vibia - Wireflow Chandelier
5. Holly Hunt- Kevin Reilly - Dital Table Lamp
6 . Corian - Glacier Ice custom benchtop
7. Arte Domus - Maximum Ice Datauni Tiles
8. Briggs Veneer - Smoked Oak Veneer
9. Tesrol - High Pressure Laminate - Superclean
10. CSR Martini - Absorb XHD Acoustic Insulation
11. Roger Seller - Catalano Zero wall hung pan, Mint Basin Mixer, Eon Robe hook & roll holder
12. Geberit - Sigma8 Duofix Concealed Cistern

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