33 Bloor Street East

33 Bloor Street East

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33 Bloor Street East, Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada | View Map
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Michael Muraz

Lobby Renovation at 33 Bloor Street East

Michael Muraz Photography en tant que Photographes.

Epic Investment Services commissioned me to photograph the renovation of the lobby at 33 Bloor Street East in Toronto, 30 years after the building first opened. The renovationr reimagined the lobby, as well as the retail spaces. 


It was important to capture the various aspects of the renovation: frontage on two different streets, retail spaces, main lobby, and elevator lobby. Highlighting the features of the spaces was key, as well as the different connections: two street entrances, one neighboring building and the subway stop entrance. The sculptural ceiling was also great to get some graphic details hots.


Photographing an office building lobby during the COVID pandemic was challenging. We had to bring a few models for some of the shots, and we tried to include some people walking by, provided their mask wasn't showing. We also had to clean up many safety signs and stickers, both on-site and during retouching.

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