300 Ashland

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The multipurpose building will occupy the southern portion of the triangular area at the intersection of Flatbush, Ashland and Lafayette Avenues in downtown Brooklyn. Along with the Grand Plaza, located immediately to the north, the proposed building defines the entrance to the BAM and the new cultural district.

The design places the mass of the building along Ashland and frames the corner of the BAM Opera House on one side and the Williamsburg Savings Bank on the other. Occupying the eastern edge of the lot, the building also allows maximum sun exposure for the rest of the area.

The building consists of two parts: the cultural base and the residential tower. The base of the building is a series of exterior and terraced levels that allow access to the cultural program and create an active, urban and public experience along Flatbush. These terraces will be landscaped and designed to isolate noise from Flatbush traffic and create a strong visual connection to the Grand Plaza.

The tower is made up of three volumes: a central circulation column and two volumes on the sides, where the departments are located. The tower and the base of the building are joined by a continuous folded skin.

The building will be clad in metal, masonry and glass. The tower will look like solid mass with perforated openings, with the central circulation volume as glass. The base will also have a glass part, to correspond to the detail and the uses of the lobby.

The base of the building contains details (at the southern tip); a cinema complex, which will be an extension of the adjacent BAM facility; a branch library; a gallery; and spaces to rehearse dance. The residential lobby is located outside of Ashland. An entrance / exit ramp will give access to the public parking garage on the lower levels.

The upper part of the building contains 330 to 350 apartment units for rent.

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