2nd Street Loft

2nd Street Loft

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2nd Street Loft

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The 2nd Street Loft is situated on the fourth floor of an historic, six-story reinforced concrete building, originally built in 1926 to serve as a B.F. Goodrich tire warehouse. After Prohibition, the building was pur-chased by Seagram's Distillery and used as a warehouse and office space. The building was later occupied by a lithography company that operated out of the building until 1995, after which it was redeveloped and converted to residential use.

The current owners of the 2nd Street Loft were attracted to the building’s warehouse vibe, and its rich in-dustrial history. They saw the potential of the 1765-square-foot space, despite the previous floor plan which had introduced angles into the narrow 20-foot-wide by 80-foot-long floor plan. New work began by removing the angles to create a rational floor plan, and to allow natural light from the largest window to fill the entire length of the apartment. “The idea was to create a minimalist, modern, and open feeling for what is a relatively tight space,” notes Stephen Stept, design architect for the project. “We divided the loft into two long zones; a livable hallway that marries circulation with activity, and an enclosed portion that houses private functions.” The palette is simple and clean; white for everything that is built in, comple-mented by concrete columns and an exposed concrete ceiling plane, with dark wood flooring to visually ground the space.

Custom, white shelving lines one side of the hallway to provide storage and display space—and keep clut-ter at bay—while accentuating the length and sense of space within the loft. A Murphy bed folds out of the wall for when guests stay over. The other side of the hallway holds private spaces and is defined by horizontal-slatted aluminum and frosted-glass sliding doors, which hide the master suite and a powder room. The sliding doors provide maximum flexibility and serve as an elegant contrasting detail to the sim-ple lines of the white storage component. The bathroom is lit by a narrow strip of light that runs the length of the bathroom and down onto the wall. At the end of the hallway, the space opens up into an open-style kitchen featuring white cabinetry and counter-tops, and a small living area. A shared rooftop deck provides social space for the building occupants.

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