24 Social Housing Units in Santurtzi

24 Social Housing Units in Santurtzi

MVN Arquitectos
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MVN Arquitectos

ULMA Architectural Solutions
MVN Arquitectos

24 Social Housing Units in Santurtzi

MVN Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The building is located in a neighbourhood in the outskirts of Santurtzi, in a predominantly industrial area which is currently being transformed, on a plot sharply sloping toward the Bilbao estuary. Given the predominant NW-SE longitudinal orientation of the plot and its 12.10m bay, the homes have a double orientation, choosing NE for the bedrooms, providing sun early in the morning, and SW for living rooms and kitchens. The design of the façade and airwells provides an optimal bioclimatic behaviour.


ULMA Architectural Solutions en tant que Facade.

ULMA Architectural Solutions has collaborated in the construction of 24 properties located in the San Juan de Rompeolas old district in Santurtzi. The building was designed by Emilio Medina, from the architecture studio MVN Arquitectos, who opted for ULMA's Ventilated Facade system.

1200 sqm of Vanguard range have been installed in the facade. This range provides a solution which adapts to each project, allowing bespoke cutting of plates and different format options. These new properties are located in a coastal area, meaning the material used has to be strong enough to withstand salty environments. One of the most important properties of this material is the low ratio of water absorption.

This system can reduce energy consumption thanks to the use of insulation, keeping the inside of the building at an optimum temperature. This has been achieved thanks to the installation of the polymer concrete Ventilated Facades system on the outside, thus avoiding unwanted thermal bridging. Another advantage of this system is its technical durability, with unbeatable results over time and easy maintenance with just soap and water. San Juan de Rompeolas district welcomes modern housing with the construction of these new properties.

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