12,000 pink-painted wooden sticks

12,000 pink-painted wooden sticks

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Calle Mayor 3, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain | View Map
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12,000 pink-painted wooden sticks

IDEO arquitectura en tant que Architects and interior design.

This project consists of a new design of a third bakery in Madrid which makes bread and cakes. The client believes that every bakery should be unique and different to the other ones and the only specific design request is the use of their coorporate color, the magenta.

The building is located in the historic centre of the town of Alcala de Henares. The bakery is on a ground floor of an interesting historic building. As soon as we demolished the internal walls and cleaned up the façade, we realised that we didn’t have to invent that much. With their History, the existing brick walls spoke by themselves giving the space a huge personality.

In order to achieve a contemporary design, which was our initial objective, we had to find an element with a strong character that would compete with the consistency of the 150-year-old-framed walls without eclipsing them. Therefore we created an artistic installation: more than 12.000 wooden magenta sticks that are hanging from the ceiling. This installation attracks everyone’s looks !

In addition, tha architect and designer, Virginia del Barco, has designed the lighting, a part of the furniture, like the chairs, the stools, the shelves, the bartop, the whiteboards, the light boxes in the façades, etc. On the pictures, you can appreciate the different details of the claddings, as well as the high quality microcement pavements which gives the space a refined elegance.

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