11March memorial

11March memorial

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11March memorial

estudioSIC en tant que Architectes.

The memorial is material and its construction, in order to enclosure the void. The structure of the Monument for the victims of the terror attacks in Madrid is a worldwide novelty. For the first time massive glass blocks are connected to form a structure using a transparent adhesive and no additional mechanical elements. The outer layer of the 11 meter tall monument consists out of approximate 15100 massive glass blocks, that are glued using just a transparent adhesive. The internal layer is made out of a over pressure stabilized ETFE foil. The interior void is the remembrance atmosphere space. Architects: Esaú Acosta Mauro Gil-Fournier Miguel jaenicke (estudioSIC) Pedro Colón Raquel Buj

Monumento 11M

schlaich bergermann partner en tant que Ingénieurs.

On behalf of the Spanish architects FAM we were designing a structure for the monument dedicated to the victims of the terror attacks in Madrid of 11th March 2004. The outer layer of the 11-meter-tall monument at Atocha station is constructed of approx. 15,600 massive glass blocks. The glass blocks are connected with adhesive joints into a freely developed form. The internal layer is made of vacuum stabilized ETFE foil with printed sentences on it.

Awards: Balthasar-Neumann-Preis 2008, DETAIL Preis 2009

Glass blocks: 200 x 300 x 70 mm Diameter: approx. 8 m Height: approx. 11 m

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