106 Flinders Street

106 Flinders Street

Bates Smart Architects
106 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia | View Map
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Peter Clarke

106 Flinders Street

Bates Smart Architects en tant que Architectes.

Designed for an architectural physicist in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, this space rethinks the conventional workplace vocabulary and its elements.

The brief was to evoke a welcoming, calm and residential atmosphere, with the design conceived as a single space to work, meet and entertain.

Bates Smart worked closely with a meticulous and passionate carpenter who essentially hand-crafted the entire space over many months of construction. Virtually no drawings were given and most of the design evolved through sketches and conversations.

What emerged from the design process was a clarity of space and materiality. A single material was selected for the floors, walls and ceilings. Douglas Fir was chosen as a sustainable timber and minimal wastage was created, as leftover timber was transformed into furniture and functional elements such as door handles.

Originally conceived as a retail space, what was once an empty shell is now a blend between lounge, laboratory, kitchen, and study. The space can also become a conferencing hub for collaborators and an entertainment venue for business associates.

Wrapping the space with timber creates an aromatic, sensorial experience that transports you into nature by the detectable whiffs of pine, and offers a tranquil and meditative setting.

Kristen Whittle, Design Director, Bates Smart quotes “This is an original solution, this is a one-of-a-kind fit out that breaks trend to invoke new uses and new associations and creates a signaling of what the future of work could be – focused on idea creation and collaboration”.

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