10’ x 12’ Office

SPACE - Studio for Planning Architecture Conservation & Environments en tant que Architectes.

An office for a Catering businessman based in Vadodara, created in area of 120 sft. Each area is been tailor made to create an experience together. Spaces looking empty are achieved with notable efforts. An office more for leisure than work place has a very significant ambience.   Unconventional ceiling shows a new relation between Architecture & Environment. Idea was to suit the office with client’s shiny lifestyle. Experiments in terms of materials & joineries were explored to the core before coming to a conclusion of wooden space frame, covered & uncovered. Being a small work place use of white color, mirror makes it large & ceiling shows infinite size of the space by complexity of itself. Wooden ceiling hanged 14” down shows a remarkable balance in terms of tension & compression considering wood without any solid support on ends from top or bottom.

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