A6A - atelier 6 architecture en tant que Architectes.

The municipal complex of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer is the first part of the large-scale urban project defined by the Town Hall: beyond the planned public buildings, including this multi-functional block, the city wishes to focus on the re- qualification of the public spaces which will connect them the beach with the lake. Mineral and plant esplanades will enliven this route punctuated by new equipment.
Our intervention favors the urban form of an independent block, prioritizing the public passages around it. The rugged topography of the site allows us to play with spaces that dominate others, occasional views of the gardens below, and with a changing volumetric cutout.
A white concrete object, which contains the projection room, dominates the project. Very closed on three of its four sides, it opens generously on the fourth, cantilevered on the shops on the ground floor. It becomes the ball joint between the public space which arrives from the beach and the large parking lot below. The green embankment accompanies spectators to the main entrance, leading them to the public balcony. This is a different space, not frozen, open to the various uses that can be imagined by the citizens.
The materials on the facade will remain raw. For the sake of constructive readability, the concretes will keep visible traces of the formwork. They will be underlined by the punctual use of steel which, through its patina, will give tones and colors which will evolve over time.

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