Xinnix Acoustic Door System

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Xinnix Acoustic Door System
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Xinnix Acoustic Door System
Xinnix Door Systems
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In private projects, nursing homes, office buildings, etc., acoustic systems become more and more important. Xinnix Door Systems has developed an acoustic door system which meets the functional needs, taking the aesthetics aspect into account. The door system isn’t limited in height and width. Due to minimal adaptions at the standard Xinnix frames, we obtain excellent acoustic results. That’s what Xinnix stands for: create the most possible applications with as little products as possible. Acoustic gaskets and a door seal in the door leaf are of major importance to contribute to the acoustic door system.

For the public application, the acoustic is combined with sophisticated ergonomics. Applying the RF180 handle, we obtain an optimal ergonomic. This way, Xinnix allows an easier and pleasant performance. This handle, a buckling pressure, follows the curve of the hand. The integrated spring system maintains the handle horizontal. The RF180 is produced in stainless AISI steel 316L, stainless steel food qualified.

The view of the handle is noteworthy: there’s no rose. Also, there’s a loop in the handle, which makes it so good to use. The new handle had been recognized at the highest level of design. In 2013 the handle won the ‘red dot design award’. The combination of ergonomics, acoustics and design attributes to a unique and beautiful result.

Acoustic systems are possible in combination with fire rated systems!

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