X40 X45 Universal Flush Door System
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X40 X45 Universal Flush Door System
Xinnix Door Systems
Portes intérieures
Métal, Aluminium
Charnières dissimulées
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This system allows to integrate every door in every wall, in an “frameless” way. With a frameless door system, the door leaf and the wall melt into each other.

Painted in the same colour of the wall, you get a discrete timeless finish.

A precious timeless finish!

During the installation, the carpenter or joiner can still decide what will be the opening direction (Flush PULL or Flush PUSH open) and the opening hand (LEFT or RIGHT handed opening).

The Xinnix X45 system has been developed especially for the UK market to meet the 44 mm standard doors. The frame fits into any wall type and into any wall thickness, for brick wall or for plasterboard applications.

The X40 system suits for 40 mm doors.

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